Meet the Team

Contact Title Phone E-mail
Rachel Yang Antoun Program Manager, Specialty Masters email
Rachel Carstens Phillips Program Manager, Specialty Masters (301) 405-7095 email
Komal Dilawari Program Coordinator, Full-time MBA Program (301) 405-6252 email
Kathryn Duffy Director, Part-Time MBA Programs (301) 738-6038 email
Mary Susan Forsythe Office Manager (301) 405-1777 email
Gabrielle Gibson Program Manager, Specialty Masters (301) 405-0104 email
Kim Gonzalez Program Manager, Specialty Masters (301) 405-7852 email
Caroline Lukich Director, Full-time MBA Program (301) 405-2282 email
Michael Marcellino Assistant Dean, MBA & MS Programs (301) 405-9565 email
Eugenia Martin Program Coordinator, Financial Awards (301) 405-2111 email
Tagrina (Taj) Rayhan Program Manager, Washington, DC Campus (301) 405-2347 email
Martha Schnare Program Manager, Baltimore Campus (410) 706-4052 email
Amy Swann Director, Specialty Masters Programs (301) 405-4152 email

The Masters Programs Office in 2308 Van Munching Hall, College Park is the primary office, and it's open Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m. The MPO front desk phone number is (301) 405-9565, and general email is

If you are seeking information about admissions, please contact the MBA & MS Admissions Office in 2303 Van Munching Hall, College Park, at (301) 405-2559.