Activity Ideas

Below is a list with many options for you to consider during your free time, or when classes are not in session.

Meet with an Expert

  • Smith School Career Coaches want to meet with students directly! Sign up, via HireSmith, for a career coaching appointment with one of the six talented graduate coaches to prepare for recruiting and finding employment post-graduation! Coaching appointments are available year-round.
  • Smith School faculty are frequently willing to make themselves available to current students to discuss topics related to their expertise, or to provide guidance. Many faculty have office hours or are willing to accept an invitation from students to join them for conversation and coffee.    

Learn Something New

Prepare for Certification Exams

Provide Service

  • Create your own tutorials to share helpful tips or demonstrate technical skills for your major with your classmates
  • Subtitle and translate TED Talks to bring ideas to others
  • Volunteer to translate with Translators without Borders
  • Make a global impact by volunteering virtually with the United Nations
  • Transcribe historical documents for the Smithsonian
  • Volunteer to create social change via DoSomething
  • Browse volunteer opportunities based on cause area and skillset at Catchafire
  • Use your marketing, tech, HR, strategy, or finance experience to provide consulting work to a nonprofit organization via Taproot Plus
  • Use HeroX to help companies find innovative solutions on through crowdsourcing
  • Provide project-based work on Freelancer or Upwork

F1 students: please review for clarify around volunteer eligibility. 

Expand your Network with Other Students, Professionals and Alumni

Be Well and Reflect