Activity Ideas

Below is a list with many options for you to consider during your free time, or during summer or winter months when classes are not in session, including:  

  • Meeting with a Career Coach
  • Learning Something New
  • Preparing for Certification Exams
  • Providing Service
  • Networking
  • Being Well and Reflecting

Meet with a Career Coach

  • Sign up, via HireSmith, for a career coaching appointment with one of the Smith School's six talented graduate coaches to prepare for recruiting and finding employment post-graduation! Coaching appointments are available year round. 

Learn Something New

Prepare for Certification Exams

Provide Service

  • Create your own tutorials to share helpful tips or demonstrate technical skills for your major with your classmates
  • Community-based opportunities are available at the Mutual Aid Hub
  • Subtitle and translate TED Talks to bring ideas to others
  • Volunteer to Translate with Translators without Borders
  • Make a global impact by volunteering virtually with the United Nations
  • Transcribe historical documents for the Smithsonian
  • Volunteer to create social change via DoSomething
  • Browse volunteer opportunities based on cause area and skillset at Catchafire
  • Use your marketing, tech, HR, strategy, or finance experience to provide consulting work to a nonprofit organization via Taproot Plus
  • Use HeroX to help companies find innovative solutions on through crowdsourcing
  • Provide project-based work on Freelancer or Upwork

F1 students: please review for clarify around volunteer eligibility. 

Network with Other Students, Professionals and Alumni

Be Well and Reflect