Withdrawal Policy

If a student is not on academic probation and elects not to take classes for a semester(s) but intends to return to Smith School of Business and complete their requirements and graduate within the five year period, there is no need to officially withdraw from the program. The student should contact their campus advisor to alert them that they will not be taking classes for the specific semester(s) and must apply for a Waiver of Continuous Registration, or a Leave of Absence (if a longer period of time is needed away from the program).

If a student needs to permanently withdrawal from the program and does not intend to complete a masters degree at the Smith School of Business, the student must:

  • Notify his/her campus advisor in writing (by letter or email) of intent to withdraw permanently from the program.
  • Withdraw from his/her classes to avoid an "Incomplete" grade and/or tuition charges.

The campus advisor will forward the student letter to the Graduate School for cancellation of admission.