Leave of Absence

Students may request a leave of absence of up to two consecutive semesters (summer and winter are not included) for any of the following reasons:

  • Childbearing/adoption
  • Dependent care (children, partners, parents)
  • Financial Hardship
  • Physical/mental health condition* 
  • Military service**

* Must include a Supplemental Information Form completed by student's health care provider

** Must include a copy of military orders

This leave stops the time to degree clock. A leave of absence should be requested and approved prior to the start of the academic term for which it is being requested. Students who need to request leave should complete the Request of Leave of Absence Form and submit it with a statement explaining the circumstances to their campus advisor.

Please note that students must also submit a Return from a Leave of Absence Form to their campus advisor prior to the beginning of the term the student intends to return to active study. Students who were on a leave of absence for medical reasons will be required to submit a Supplemental Information Form completed by the student's health care provider as noted above.