Additional Courses & Elective Options

Course Request Forms

Summer 2024 Course Requests:

Online MBA Course Request Form - Please contact your campus advisor directly for any Summer 2024 OMBA Course Requests.

Masters Student Course Request Form 

Fall 2024 Course Requests:

ALL MBA Course (BUSI, BUSM, BUSO) Request Form  - Deadline is July 8, 2024 at 9 a.m. after which please contact your advisor directly.

Business Master's Course Request Form 


Additional Courses

Global Business Experience and Study Abroad

MBA Global Business Courses (BUSI 788/BUSI 798 for PT/Flex MBA Students and BUSM 778/BUSM 788 for FT MBA Students)

Independent Study for MBA Students

Independent Study for Business Masters Students

Global Equity Fund (only for PT MBA and Specialty Masters Students)

Mayer Fund (only for FT MBA students)

Credit Limit Override Request (for PT/Flex MBA Students) please see your advisor


External Elective Options

University of Maryland College Park Courses

Consortium of the Universities of the Metropolitan Area Courses

Inter-Institutional Registration


Transfer Credit Options

Transfer Credit