UMCP Course Request

For non-Smith School courses offered at University of Maryland, College Park

A Smith School student may seek permission to register for a non-Smith course offered elsewhere within the University of Maryland, College Park.   The request must be processed by the Masters Programs Office (MPO) to obtain the proper approval allowing the credits to count towards the student's degree.  

Please Note:

  • If a course is being taken for enrichment (e.g., Beginning Golf) and is not being used as credit toward the degree, the student does not need MPO approval to enroll.
  • For a course outside the Smith School to count toward a student’s degree, the student must submit a request to the MPO and receive the proper approval(s), prior to enrolling. 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact the host department to determine eligibility to take the course and for permission to register.
  • A student may take no more than nine credits of courses outside the Smith School toward his or her degree. A student may take as many credits as they wish for enrichment.
  • Courses outside the Smith School may not have the same tuition and fee structure as those offered by the Smith School.
  1. Identify the course. The class must be graduate level and must complement the student’s degree program. 
  2. Students are responsible for contacting the appropriate UMCP school (i.e. School of Journalism, School of Engineering) to receive approval from the appropriate authority to seek permission to register for the course.
  3. Complete the Course Request form
  4. Submit the completed Course Request form and syllabus for requested course to your campus advisor to be reviewed for approval towards your graduate degree requirements. 
  5. Upon approval from the Masters Programs Office and the host school, the student is responsible for completing the relevant registration steps via Testudo. 




Note: If the course is canceled, dropped, or changed, contact your campus advisor immediately. University of Maryland schedule adjustment deadlines apply for Smith students visiting other institutions.