Independent Study for MBA Students

All Independent Study projects must be fully approved prior to the start of the term in which a student will be registering.

  • MBA students may complete up to four (4) credits of independent study projects as part of their program of study.
  • Individual independent study projects may not exceed three credits. Students are encouraged to engage in independent study projects for two credits to avoid an odd-number credit situation.
  • Independent study projects offered under the Smith School’s master's-level prefixes may only be completed under the supervision of a Smith School faculty member.
  • Independent study projects will only be approved for registration at a student's home campus (e.g., a student admitted to the Baltimore program must register for an independent study course at the Baltimore campus).
  • The project's description, objective, number of credits, etc. required for the Independent Study form must be agreed upon by both the student and the approving faculty member. Approval and signature must be obtained by the supervising faculty, the area associate chair and the Assistant or Associate Dean of MBA Programs.
  • The form must be complete with all signatures and then submitted to their program advisor. Upon review and approval, the student will be registered for the Independent Study by MPO. 
  • The independent study courses utilize the number 759 under each of the Smith School master's level prefixes.
  • Independent study courses offered by any unit outside the Smith School may not be used toward the Smith MBA or MS degree.

Please contact your campus advisor with questions about independent studies, and to obtain and Independent Study Request Form.