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Global Business Courses
4 Spring
Registration date: Tuesday, May 10 at 12:30 p.m. 


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Zoom info session: Friday, April 22 @12pm
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Meet the Center for Global Business and faculty leads to learn about the sections being offered next year.  The session covers registration, fees, and logistics as well as the experience and learning that awaits in each location. 

Learn more about the sections below.  All dates and details are tentative. 

Doing Business in Brazil
Dr. Paulo Prochno
Dates on campus: Oct 30, Nov 6, Dec 4, March 5
Tentative dates abroad: Jan 7 (arrival) – Jan 14 (departure)

This course will bring a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities related to doing business in and from Brazil. We will focus both on multinational companies operating in the country and local companies that are on different stages of their globalization process. The course comprises lectures and company visits, as well as a consulting project for one local company. Through direct contact with executives working in the country, students will be able to get hands-on knowledge about the country and expand their business network.


Doing Business in South Africa
Dr. Bennet Zelner
Dates on campus: Oct 30, Dec 11, March 5
Tentative dates abroad: Jan 12 (arrival) – Jan 21 (departure)

South Africa has one of Africa’s largest and most developed economies. Yet, it is still considered a challenging place to do business as a result of corruption, political division, economic inequality, racism, underdeveloped physical and institutional infrastructure, and other factors. “Doing Business in South Africa: Country in Transformation” will focus on the economic, political, and social institutions that shape the South African business environment; the ongoing development of these structures; and the design or adaptation of firms’ business models to fit the evolving South African business environment. The class will have a consulting orientation, including team projects for South African businesses. The travel portion of the class take place in Cape Town, South Africa’s legislative capital and second economic hub. The program will begin on the afternoon of Saturday, Jan 14, and conclude on the afternoon of Saturday, Jan 21. During this time the class will make site visits to local South African firms and social enterprises; attend team meetings with consulting clients; and participate in cultural activities such as a visit to the prison island where Nelson Mandela was held in captivity for 18 years. 


Managing Global Business Risks & Opportunities in the 21st Century: Chile, Israel, and South Africa
Dr. Bennet Zelner
Dates TBA

This virtual course provides students with an opportunity to learn about three leading international business destinations and engage virtually with overseas business leaders and MBA students in these locations. The core conceptual framework for the class is the CAGE framework, which is used to identify and prioritize the differences between countries that companies must address when developing cross-border strategies. The class features three half-day virtual engagement sessions, one for each country, that include an introduction to the country’s economic and business landscape by an in-country subject matter expert, presentations by business leaders from different companies in the country, and an interactive small group workshop with local MBA students. Students in the class will also perform team consulting projects for a local Maryland firm evaluating the three focal countries as possible business destinations."