Smith Masters Supply Chain Management Association & APICS

Smith Masters Supply Chain Management Association was established to enhance the academic, professional, and social experience of MS in Supply Chain Management students. The Smith School chapter of APICS was established to link MS in Supply Chain Management students with the premier professional association for supply chain and operations management.


2023 Officers:

Emma (Yi-Ling) Liao, President 

Rahul Yeole, Vice President 

Qirui Cai, VP of Operations 

Zian He, VP of Finance 

Meng-Chi Lee, VP of Marketing

Advisor: Humberto Coronado, MPS-SCM

E-mail: or  


SCMA Constitution: 


We, the members of the Supply Chain Management Association, do hereby establish this constitution in order that our purpose is realized to its fullest extent.


The organization’s name is the Supply Chain Management Association, hereafter referred to as "the SCMA"

ARTICLE II - Purpose

The mission of the SCMA is to enhance the academic, professional and social experience of Smith master students by providing a good networking environment and coordinating all student-run activities. The SCMA is charged with, but not limited to:
I. Promoting and enhancing the reputation of the Smith MS Supply Chain program;
II. Enhancing the educational experience and professional development of all members;
III. Providing a good networking environment for the Smith community and enhancing communications among Supply Chain students, alumni, faculty and professionals; and
IV. Adding value to the program by coordinating student-run events and activities.
The SCMA is committed to fulfilling responsibilities to the institution of the University of Maryland, College Park and it’s policies. In order to carry out our obligations, the SCMA will build a strong relationship with the Smith Master Student Association (hereafter referred to as “SMSA”) and other clubs.

ARTICLE III - Membership

Active membership shall be limited to persons officially connected with the University of Maryland, College Park as faculty, staff or registered students. All SCM students have rights to vote. The following requirements are necessary to constitute active membership:
I. Payment in full of financial obligations as determined by SCMA. (dues are not required for voting) if SCMA decides to collect membership fees
II. Active members must participate in at least 25% activities held by SCMA. (due each semester)
SCMA does not restrict membership or discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, or on the basis of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

ARTICLE IV - Officers and Responsibilities

The SCMA will have six board officers:
I. The President will maintain the power to present all motions to the body present, and set the strategic plans and making final decisions for the association. Any decisions made by the President should be agreed upon by at least half (rounded up) of the board (If an equality of vote situation occurred, or no one voices opinions, the President should make the final decisions). President shall present all meetings at which official organization business is conducted.
II. The Executive Vice President will be responsible for routine works, such as coordinating work relationship of departments, reporting progress reports to the President in time and monitoring the daily work of the President. In addition, the Executive Vice President will be in charge of secretary work, such as agenda arrangement, meeting notes and all kinds of emails. When the President is not able to attend board meetings, the Executive Vice President will fulfill the role of the President.
III. The Vice Presidents of Community Development will be in charge of creating and managing all SCMA entertainment events and collaborating events with other clubs. Moreover, Vice President of Community Development will also work with External Relations to help host events that will involve respected guests and alumni, such as guest speaker events, and workshops.*
IV. The Vice Presidents of External Relations will act as a liaison between SCM students and the alumni relations office, build good relationship with alumni, and create as well as manage all SCMA professional events, such as guest speakers, factory tours, and career workshops.*
V. The Vice President of Finance and Marketing is responsible for the operation of both Finance function and Marketing function. The Finance function includes handling all approved budgets, expenses, creating a budget plan for the following semester/year events, and presenting an annual finance report to all members of the SCMA. VP of Finance is responsible for raising funds from any appropriate source by any legal means. The Vice President of Finance also needs to keep relevant fiscal documents, such as receipts and previous work projects. The Marketing function includes designing and maintaining social community networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and creating promoting tools like posters. Most importantly, VP of Marketing is responsible for promoting the image of SCMA in all activities by any appropriate means. The Vice President of Marketing will also collect any student body data needed for the SCMA strategy.
In addition, the Vice President of Marketing will also work with Community Development and External Relations to facilitate promoting all SCMA events. 
VI. The Vice President of Career Development is responsible for initiating and organizing workshops, mock interview sessions and other similar activities to improve the employability of Master SCM students as a group. 

ARTICLE V - Operations

Section 1: Voting Eligibility
Those members meeting all requirements of active membership as set forth in Article III will be granted voting privileges.

Section 2: Election Process
All officers shall be elected by a majority vote of eligible voting members of the SCMA. There will be a first round presentation and a second round of interviews held in each October. All members can participate in voting in the first round presentation while only the serving officers have the right to vote in the round of interviews. The serving officers will be in charge of organizing and conducting both rounds. All voting shall be done by a secret ballot to be collected and tabulated by the serving officers under the supervision of the advisor. The name list of new officers is finalized after these two rounds. Priority of nomination is given to people who are expected to finish their degrees in 1.5 years and over.

Any board member of SCMAin violation of the organization's purpose or constitution may be removed from office through the following process:
I. A written request by at least half members of the Organization (rounded up).
II. Written notification to the officer of the request, asking the officer to be present at the next meeting and be prepared to speak.
III. c. A two-thirds (rounded up) majority vote is required to issue the decision to remove the officer.

All executive board meetings will take place regularly at a time selected by the SCMA. Arrangements will be determined by the end of each meeting. EVP is responsible for preparing meeting agendas and meeting records. Meetings shall follow the procedure below.
I. Attendance
II. Report by the President
III. any new event ideas put forward by the members of the club
IV. Votes on any new event ideas and clubs issues
V. Dismissal by the President

ARTICLE VI - Finances
SCMA will finance the activities it engages in by the following means:
I. Membership dues (appropriate amount set by the Board); SCMA has decided not to charge membership fees for 2012-2013.
II. Business School Departmental funds (including MPO, Academic Departments, Centers, etc.).
III. Smith Master Students Association: SCMA is expected to submit a budget to the SMSA every semester and request funding appropriate to the effective operations of the organization for each semester.
IV. Fundraising activities and sponsorships in accordance with all University of Maryland policies.

ARTICLE VII - Amendments
The constitution is binding to all members of SCMA. However, the constitution is not binding unto itself. Changes to the constitution require the following steps:
I. Amendments to the constitution may be proposed in writing by any voting member of SCMA at any meeting at which over 2/3 of the officers are present. This member should send a proposal draft through EVP to the SCMA active members at least two days prior to the regular meeting;
II. These amendments will be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting at which official club business is to be conducted; and
III. Proposed amendments will become effective following approval of a two-thirds majority vote of active members, and the amended constitution should be released within one week after its approval.


APICS Constitution: 

Article I: Identification

University of Maryland-College Park Student Chapter is an affiliate of the DC-Metro Chapter of the international organization APICS. In these Bylaws it reflects actual practice of the chapter; the APICS student chapter is referred to as the ASC.

Article II: Purpose

These by-laws provide additional guidance for the UMD student chapter. They are subject to and governed by the student chapter constitution of March 7, 2014. The Chapter will serve students at community.

Article III: Conflicts

Disagreements and conflicts among the student chapter members, officers, or with the faculty advisor should be endeavored to be resolved first through dialog with the party (ies) concerned and with the faculty advisor. If the issue still cannot be resolved, the student(s) may take the grievance to the Student Organizations Director for resolution. On issues that concern the parent chapter (CMN APICS), the student (s) may request a hearing with the President of the DC Metro Chapter Board of Directors.

Article IV: Roles and responsibilities of officers

An officer may take on one or two functions described in the Student Chapter Management Handbook, with the approval of the Faculty Advisor.

The roles and responsibilities of each function are described in the required goals and objectives under each section of the Student Chapter Management Handbook. Under the guidance of the faculty advisor, the officers will plan, organize, execute, and maintain progress towards the goals and objectives as a team.

The officers of this Chapter shall be: President, Member Relations, Secretary, and Treasurer. A minimum of four officers to establish a Chapter; some Chapters combine the offices of Secretary and Treasurer. Other position may also be established. All officers of the Chapter must be members of ASC-UMD.

The officers shall be elected by a plurality of the votes cast at the annual election meeting. They shall take office on October 13 and serve for one year. The Chapter's election be held at the last meeting in the fall with the new officers taking office in January. This provides for a period of transition from the outgoing Council to the incoming Council as well as providing continuity of management and planning.  

The President is responsible for overall administration of the student chapter and ensuring that goals and objectives are attained according to the plan. The plan must be approved by the faculty advisor.

The Executive Vice-President assists the president in administration of the student chapter, and assumes the duties in his or her absence. The vice president is also responsible for maintaining the student chapter binder/records of evidence of performance as required in the student chapter management manual.

The VP of Membership is responsible for managing the activities described in the Membership section of the student manual, and maintaining evidence of execution as required in the manual.

The Treasurer is responsible for developing and maintaining financial records as required in the student chapter manual. He or she is responsible for interfacing with campus student government and accounting departments, attending required meetings, and developing and submitting budgets and other financial records on behalf of the organization.

Article V: Meetings

  1. The Chapter shall hold meetings only in places that are open and accessible to all members of the Association. The regular meeting should be hold once a week on Friday.
  2. The Annual Election meeting should be held at the second weeks on October. At this meeting, the Secretary and Treasurer each shall present the required reports. Also, the election of officers shall be held. Written notices of all meetings shall be distributed to all members at least one week prior to any meeting.

Article VI: Amendment and Voting Procedures

  1. All proposed changes to these Chapter Bylaws shall be approved by the DC Metro Chapter
  2. No official business or decision of the Chapter shall be conducted unless a quorum is present. A quorum of the Chapter shall be defined as a majority of the voting membership of the Chapter
  3. A simple majority of the voting members present shall be required to carry a motion.
  4. Officers will be elected by a plurality of votes cast.