Smith Masters Business Analytics Association (SMBAA)

The Smith Masters Business Analytics Association was established to enhance the academic, professional, and social experience of MS in Business Analytics students. 


2023 Officers:

Srivats Narain, President 

Ikshita Ganta, VP of Administration 

Shrushti Shah, VP of Finance 

Sri Sai Alekya Ghanta, VP of Public Relations 

Keshav Gupta, VP of Events

Advisor: Suresh Acharya





We, the members of the Smith Masters Business Analytics Association, in order to enhance the overall experience of the Masters students interested in Analytics, among the Robert H. Smith community and maximize the value of the Robert H. Smith brand, establish this Constitution of the Smith Masters Business Analytics Association.

Article I – Name

The organization’s name is the Smith Masters Business Analytics Association, hereafter referred to as “SMBAA”, “Smith Masters BA Association” or “the Organization”. The governing body of the SMBAA shall be called the Smith Masters Business Analytics Association Board, hereafter referred to as “the Officers”, “Executives” or “the Board”. The SMBAA shall be affiliated to the Smith Masters Student Association(SMSA).

Article II – Purpose

The mission of the SMBAA is to enhance the academic, professional and social experience of the Members by providing a good networking environment and coordinating all member-run activities.

The SMBAA is charged with, but not limited to:
1. Promoting and enhancing the reputation of the Robert H. Smith Masters Business Analytics program;
2. Enhancing the educational experience and professional development of all Members;
3. Providing a platform for Corporate interaction and gaining practical analytics experience;
4. Adding value to the program by coordinating member-run events and activities.

The SMBAA understands and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities of abiding by University of Maryland policies.

Article III – Membership

Membership of the SMBAA shall be open to any Smith Master Student who has fulfilled necessary obligation to be members of the SMSA. The Membership would be of two categories –
1. Members from the Business Analytics cohort, who will be accorded “Full Membership”.
2. Members of other Masters programs, who will be accorded “Guest Membership”.
Guest Membership will have to be obtained through one window of two weeks per semester that shall be opened for all Masters Students. The Guest Membership will be valid for the semester that the student registered. The SMBAA does not restrict membership or discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, or on the basis of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Article IV – Officers

SMBAA will be led by the following officer positions: President, Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Events and Vice President of Public Relations. All officer roles shall be held by currently-enrolled students that served as an SMBAA Ambassador. Officers are expected to attend the monthly club leader meeting with all SMSA officers and other affiliated club officers. Officers are also expected to attend a monthly SMBAA officer meeting. Additional meetings can be held if quorum is established with quorum requiring the presence of greater than half the Officers.
1. President will facilitate the development and implementation of the overall vision and strategy for SMBAA in coordination with its Members and Smith School departments, including, but not limited to, Masters Program Office, Office of Career Services, Office of Development and Alumni Relations, and the Dean’s Office. The President will preside over the SMBAA officer meetings, and represent SMBAA at events and meetings. The President will facilitate partnerships with other student clubs.
2. Vice President of Administration will preside over officer meetings and represent SMBAA at events and meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President of Administration will lead Ambassador activities, record and maintain all officer meeting minutes, maintain the storage of all documents (including electronic files), and ensure
SMBAA’s continuity as an SMSA affiliated club. 
3. Vice President of Finance will lead the development and implementation of the annual budget, handle all issues associated with income and expenditures, including acting as aliason for SMBAA to the SMSA for all financial matters, and will and present the annual financial report to all Members.
4. Vice President of Public Relations will be responsible for the internal communication within SMBAA, as well as the external communication among all students, officers, alumni and all other organizations. The Vice President of Public Relations will announce meetings and events hosted by SMBAA and any significant decisions made by the officers. The Vice President of Public Relations will also regularly update the SMBAA web site and social media accounts, and work collaboratively with student club leaders to publish open events information and regularly update club web sites, social media accounts, and plasmas.
5. Vice President of Events will be responsible for all events being organized by the SMBAA and will ensure the availability of all necessary resources for the said events. The Vice President of Events will also handle all registration activities and post events follow up.

Article V – Committees

At any time, SMBAA Officers may assemble Ad-Hoc Committees, as needed. These Committees must be led by a current SMBAA officer, and that officer shall appoint the committee members. The Ad-Hoc Committees may include:
• Events Committee, to work collaboratively with the Vice President of Events in planning and executing events.
• Public Relations Committee, to work collaboratively with the Vice President of Public Relations to make announcements, and maintain the web site and social media accounts.
• Any other committee may be formed based on requirement, subject to majority vote from the Board.

Article VI – Ambassadors

Ambassadors are Full Members who are interested in securing a position as an SMBAA officer for the next SMBAA election. The number of Ambassadors should not exceed fifteen percent of the First-Year Full Members or a count of 20, whichever is higher. All Ambassadors must be currently enrolled students. The term of Ambassadors will be three months—from September to December.

Article VII – Operations

Voting Eligibility: Students who have voting rights are those members meeting the requirements of Full membership, as stated in Article III.

Election Process - Ambassadors: At the beginning of each new academic year (in August and September), current SMBAA Officers will recruit new SMBAA Ambassadors, when SMBAA Officers email all First Year Full Members with instructions on how to apply to be an Ambassador. This shall happen within the first two weeks from the end of orientation. In case of the number of applicants being more than twice the maximum number of Ambassadors possible, the applicants will be screened to twice the maximum number of Ambassadors, by the Board, based on their profiles. All screened applicants shall be given an opportunity to address all Full Members in person for no longer 2 minutes each. All Full members will vote through secret ballot, with specifics being decided by the Board. The votes shall be counted, and the Ambassadors declared. Once selected as an Ambassador, they will start to take responsibilities of planning and implementing activities on behalf of SMBAA, with the guidance of the current Officers.

Election Process – New Officers: In November each year, after the SMSA election process has concluded, the Ambassadors will nominate themselves for specific Officer positions. The same process for the election of Ambassadors shall be followed with only the First Year Full Members having voting rights. In case of no nominations from the Ambassadors for an Officer position, the Board shall invite nominations from First Year Full Members and screen them, before the voting. Elections for Officers will be held by mid-November annually. Officer positions will be determined by a majority vote of the First Year Full Members. The voting will be via an anonymous secret ballot prepared by the Board; the results will be shown publicly to all members of SMBAA.

Termination or Resignation of Officers - Any SMBAA officer may be terminated if any of the following conditions are met, and with a consensus vote from other current Officers:
1. An Officer has won the general election, but fails to fulfill his/her duties.
2. An Officer has made severe mistakes which caused serious consequences, has violated University of Maryland regulations and rules or has broken the State or Federal Laws.
3. An Officer who does not attend three meetings consecutively, after receiving written warning.
Officers who wish to resign must do so by submitting a written resignation request to the Officers, then receiving a majority vote from other current Officers. In case of a motion to terminate, the Officer moving the motion and against whom the motion is presented will be excluded from the vote. Motion to terminate requires presence of all Officers.
When a SMBAA Officer position is left vacant by a termination or resignation, the remaining SMBAA Officers may select a new officer with a majority vote by remaining Officers. In case of a tie, a Full Member will be randomly selected to cast the deciding vote.

Meetings - SMBAA will host at least one meeting per semester for all SMBAA members, at a place selected by the Board. Officers of SMSA will have regular meetings (ideally once a week) at a time and
location mutually convenient to current Officers.

Article X – Amendments to Constitution

Constitution revisions can be made only once a year and may not be made from the beginning of fall semester through the end of the Officer Election process. A revision of the Constitution requires the following steps:
1. Proposal: Amendment(s) to the constitution must be proposed in writing by any Full member of the SMBAA at any Board meeting at which all the Officers are present. Every officer should receive a copy of proposal draft at least two days prior to the meeting. Once a simple majority approved the draft, an official amendment draft should be written
after the meeting for public announcement and voting process.
2. Voting: All Full Members will vote on the Amendment and the Amendment is passed if and only if:
o A minimum of 1/6th of the Full Members vote for the Amendment to pass.
o A majority votes for the Amendment to be passed.