Smith Peers

Smith Peers was established to enhance the social experience of all Smith Specialty Masters students. SmithPeers provides networking opportunities to connect 1st year students with 2nd year students.


2021 Officers:

vacant, President

vacant, VP of Marketing & Communications

vacant, VP of External Relations

vacant, VP of Finance

vacant, VP of Events

Advisor: Kim Gonzalez 





We, the members of the Smith Peers, to maximize the value of Robert H. Smith community and enhance the overall experience of graduate students, establish this constitution.

Article I- Name

The organization’s name is the Smith Peer, hereafter referred to as "the organization", or "SP". The governing body of the SP shall be called the Smith Peers Board, hereafter referred to as "the Officers", "Executives" or "the Board". The Smith Peer shall be affiliated to the governing body.

Article II- Purpose

The organization is aim to facilitate the graduate students in the R.H. Smith School of Business to explore their career opportunity and enhance their professional and social experience by establishing an effective coaching and networking environment. The club is in charge of, but not limited to: 

  • Helping first year graduate students to explore their career opportunity and enhance their professional and social experience by holding event which enhances the connection with volunteers from second year graduate students;
  • Facilitating second year students to acquire leadership and volunteer experience;
  • Coordinating with the Office of Career Services (hereafter referred to as "OCS") to add value to the graduate students’ community;

To accomplish its goals, the organization shall work closely and affiliate with the Smith Master Student Association (hereafter referred to as "SMSA"). The organization shall also abide with the policies of University of Maryland to fulfill its responsibilities within the university.

Article III- Membership

Active membership shall be limited to persons officially connected with the University of Maryland, Robert R.H. Smith School of Business as faculty, staff, registered students or alumni of the University of Maryland, Robert R.H. Smith School of Business.

The organization shall not restrict membership or discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, or on the basis of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Article IV- Executives

The board of SP consists of 7 officers: President, Vice President of Finance, three Vice Presidents of Event, Vice presidents of External Relations, Vice President of Marketing and Communications. The organization will be governed by the following means, and all officers, shall be hold by currently enrolled students.

1. The President will be in charge of all the board meetings and setting the strategic plans for the organization. In addition, any decisions made by the President should be agreed upon by more than a simple majority of the board.

2. Vice President of Finance has the responsibility of making budget, handling all incomes and expenditures of the Club, and presenting the annual report of the club to all members. Any Funding issues should be discussed and decided by the whole board.

3. Vice Presidents of Event will be responsible for logistics of event, coordinating each department, making event plans, and presenting event review to the board.

4. Vice Presidents of External Relationship who will act as liaisons between the students, SMSA, Office of Career Services and Alumni relations. The Vice President of External Relations will ensure alumni participation as guests or speakers, for SMSA-hosted activities, as appropriate.

5. Vice President of Marketing and Communications will be responsible for the internal communication within SP, as well as the marketing of events hosted by SP. The Vice President of Marketing and Communications will also lead the social media and internet committee to regularly update the SP web site and social media accounts.

Article V – Committees

Standing Committees will include:

  • Nominating Committee, which will select a slate of candidates for officer positions, according to the “Election Process” in Article VII - Operations. The members of the Nominating Committee should be current Specialty Masters students, and include:
    • At least five current SP officers
  • Social Media and Internet Committee, work collaboratively with the Vice President of Marketing and Communications in regularly updating the SP web site and social media accounts.

Article VI – Ambassadors

Ambassadors are students that are interested in securing a position as an SP officer for the next SP election. The number of Ambassadors shall be around 30-50 Specialty Masters students. All Ambassadors must be currently enrolled students. The term of Ambassadors will be three months - from September to December.  

Article VII – Operations

Election Process

At the beginning of each new academic year (in the end of September or the beginning of October), current SP Officers will recruit new SP Ambassadors, when SP Officers email all Specialty Masters students with instructions on how to apply to be an Ambassador. SP Officers will interview all individuals interested and eligible to serve as Ambassadors, and select the most qualified and appropriate students, based on SP’s strategic goals. Once selected as an Ambassador, they will start to take responsibilities of planning and implementing activities on behalf of SP, with the guidance of the current Officers.

In November each year, the Nominating Committee will determine the Ambassadors who are interested in SP Officer positions and will create a slate of candidates for the Officer election. The slate of candidates will be based on an evaluation of each student’s effectiveness as an Ambassador. The same evaluation instrument(s) will be used to evaluate all Ambassadors and will include feedback from peers and current Officers. Members of the Nominating Committee are not excluded from becoming nominees for elected officers. During Nominating Committee meetings, if a committee member is being considered, the member should be excused from the meeting during the discussion regarding that office but may return for the vote which shall be by ballot. The Nominating Committee should make every effort to provide a slate of candidates that is balanced in terms of program areas, and reflects the diversity of the Smith School population.

Interviews for nominees will be held by mid-November annually. Officer positions will be determined by a majority vote of the Nominating Committee. The voting will be via an anonymous electronic ballot and the results will be shown publicly to all members of SP.

Termination or Resignation of Officers

Any SP officer may be terminated if any of the following conditions are met, and with a consensus vote from other current Officers:

  1. An Officer has won the general election, but fails to fulfill his/her duties.
  2. An Officer has made severe mistakes which caused serious consequences, has violated University of Maryland regulations and rules or has broken the State or Federal Laws.
  3. An Officer who does not attend the meetings regularly, after receiving written warning.

Officers who wish to resign must do so by submitting a written resignation request to the Officers, then receiving a consensus vote from other current Officers.

When a SP Officer position is left vacant by a termination or resignation, the remaining SP Officers may select a new officer with a majority vote by remaining Officers.


SP will host at least one meeting per semester for all SP members, at a place selected by the Board. Officers of SP will have regular meetings (ideally once a week) at a time and location mutually convenient to current Officers.

Article VIII – Amendments to Constitution

Constitution revisions can be made only once a year and may not be made from the beginning of fall semester through the end of the Officer Election process. A revision of the constitution must be proposed in writing by any SP officer at any Board meeting at which over two-thirds (2/3) of the Officers are present. Every officer should receive a copy of proposal draft at least two days prior to the meeting. Once a simple majority approved the draft, an official Amendment should be written after meeting for public announcement immediately.