Account Information from Smith IT

  • The Robert H. Smith School of Business will no longer offer Smoogle accounts, however existing accounts will be merged to an email account. Emails sent to existing accounts will be automatically forwarded to an account. 
  • Canvas accounts will remain active until three weeks after the current semester.
  • University Directory IDs will remain active until nine months after graduation date.

Question:     What happens to all of the old e-mails, attachments and folders when my mailbox expires?  Will I still be able to access them, or do I have to forward them to another e-mail account?
Answer:     Once an MBA or Specialty Masters student graduates, you keep your account, it's as simple as that! If you want to export your data out, go to and see how the Google engineers recommend saving your data.

Note that we can only guarantee the accounts being hosted on Google while we maintain a contract with them. Currently, due to decisions made at the University level, we are changing platforms. 

Question:     How long will I have access to Canvas course material?
Answer:     Per university guidelines, access to Canvas course material will be available for one semeter after graduation (generally, six months after graduation), therefore you should consider making a local copy of your course material prior to your departure.

Question:     When does my University Directory ID expire?
Answer:     Your access to campus computing systems will be disabled approximately nine months after your graduation date.