Fall 2020 Tuition MS


The following is tuition and fee information for the 2020-2021 academic year. 


$1,582 (per credit)


$2,015 (per credit)

Tuition and fees are subject to change each academic year.


Tech Fee
(Per semester for any student taking off-site campus courses)

8 or Fewer Credits - $76.50

9 or More Credits - $153.00

MS Association Fee
(MS Students Only - Fall and Spring Semesters)


College Park Mandatory Fee*
(Per semester for any student taking College Park courses)

8 or Fewer Credits - $417.50

9 or More Credits - $817.50

International Student Fee
(For all international students)

$125 per semester

Fee Breakdown

The following is a breakdown of fees for the 2020-2021 academic year for any student taking one or more College Park courses. 

Item≤ 8 College Park credits> 8 College Park credits
Shuttle Bus$55.50$111.50
Student Union $85.50$171.50
Student Activities$19.00$19.00
Recreation Services$99.50$199.00
Performing Arts & Cultural Center$22.50$45.00
Health Center Fee$21.50$43.00
Student Facilities Fee$4.50$9.00
Technology Fee$76.50$153.00

If you are registered for class by:Payment is due:
By July 25, 2020August 20, 2020
After July 26, 2020September 20, 2020
Billing and Payment

Where can I view my bill online and make tuition payments?

  • Fall 2020 bills will be generated in mid-July and are due by August 20th
  • Go to The Office of Student Financial Services and Cashiering 
  • Choose "Make a Payment" and "Student Login"
    • Log-in using your Directory ID and Password
      • Payment can be made by Credit or Debit Card (2.75% processing fee), e-check, check, wire transfer or cash.
      • Sponsored students should use the 3rd party billing process
  • Follow instructions to make a payment
  • Select View & Pay Accounts to view current activity or latest statement


Tuition and fees are subject to change and annual increases.

MS students are charged on a per credit basis.

Any student coded as a non-resident will pay the out-of-state tuition rate for courses taken at College Park.

Study trips, study abroad and external agreements (Consortium, Inter-Institutional, etc.) classes are charged tuition based on the student’s residency classification.

Students enrolled in College Park courses, study trips, study abroad and external agreements (Consortium, Inter-Institutional, etc.) will pay applicable College Park fees.

Tuition Remission for Students Holding GA/TA Positions

The following is tuition remission information for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Students holding graduate assistantship positions within the University should note that the practice of awarding 5 or 10 credits of tuition remission does not apply to the MBA/MS Programs. Due to differential tuition, MBA students receive a tuition credit that is valued at the prevailing standard in-state per credit rate of $731* .

In the Fall and Spring, students on 10-12 hour graduate assistantship positions will receive a tuition credit of approximately $3,655 per semester (5 x $731) and students on 20 hour GA positions will receive a tuition credit of $7,310 (10 x $731).

Graduate Assistants wishing to enroll in the winter will receive a tuition credit of $1,462 (2 x $731) if they hold a 10-12 hour position and $2,924 (4 x $731) if they hold a 20 hour position.

All Graduate Assistants will be classified as in-state for tuition purposes.

Fee waivers associated with tuition remission do not apply to Robert H. Smith School of Business fees.

*Rates may change for the next academic year.

The Office of Student Financial Services and Cashiering is making enhancements to the Terp Payment Plan. 

The Terp Payment Plan (TPP) at the University of Maryland allows you to spread your educational expenses in monthly installments over the semester. Additional plan details are available at billpay.umd.edu/TPP.

Monthly Billing Statements are generated at the end of each month by the Office of Student Financial Services and Cashiering. This statement will show the status of your student account on the date in which your statement is generated. Students should utilize the "Student Account Inquiry" screen in Testudo to receive a live view of their bill. The Student Account Inquiry screen is a useful tool that allows students to view their account balance, especially when in between billing cycles.

Many students utilize employer benefits to help fund their education. Often employers require students to provide additional information to have their courses approved for reimbursement. Students can submit a copy of their Billing StatementUnofficial Transcript or Certification of Enrollment with Course Schedule, and tuition information. If you would like to provide your employer with additional information, the Student Template can be used as a guide in explaining this process. Please note that this is for personal use and the contents within the cover letter is not affiliated with the University of Maryland or the Robert H. Smith School of Business. 

*Updated documents for the 2020/2021 academic year will be made available in July 2020. 

Financial aid is provided to graduate students in the form of federal loans. Students who plan on using financial aid to help cover the costs of their education will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each October 1st.

Each form of aid has its own eligibility and application requirements. It is extremely important that incoming students investigate the details of their financial aid requirements early to avoid any missed deadlines. Please check each type of aid for specific dates.

The University of Maryland's Office of Financial Aid assists Smith MBA students with their financial aid concerns. 

For general questions regarding billing and financial aid, please contact Smith Billing and Financial Aid via email at sbfa@rhsmith.umd.edu