Upcoming Events

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Donations will be accepted October 23-Decemeber 14:

  • Donation boxes will be set up on each campus
  • Items are being collected at all three campuses & the donated items will be given to workforce development non-profit organizations in each campus’ local area, however we will not be donating to any resellers (ex: Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.).
  • Acceptable items:
    • Business professional & business casual clothing and shoes for all genders, in all sizes (no ties or other accessories please) 
    • Items must be clean & in wearable condition. Free of stains & pet hair/fur, also w/working zippers, no missing buttons, etc. If you would still wear it but can’t fit it, or if you would give it to someone you care about to wear to a job interview then that’s what we want! Sometimes people donate with the mindset of “this is better than nothing”, and as a commitment to DEI the PTMBAA rejects that kind of deficit-based thinking.  
  • OMBA students are welcome to bring items to any location

We encourage you to reach out into your network to get some good looking donations*, because the campus that collects the most donations will recieve an additional dinner in term C or D!

*Each item donated that does not meet the acceptable standard above will result in dedutions from that campuses donation total, so make sure to check your bag twice before brining in items from your neighbor with the 3 dogs and 6 cats!


For specific questions or inquiries please contact the PTMBAA Chief of Community Engagement Officer, Barry Ormond