Spring 2024 Registration

Registration Information

Registration is conducted via Testudo by clicking "Registration (Drop/Add)". Registration questions should be directed to Gabrielle Gibson. 

Registration Date

Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 12:30 p.m.

Term Dates

Refer to the Academic Calendar for term dates

Registration Instructions


Step 1: Choose and register for one of the tracks:

Track 1: Course = MSBS99MB, Section = MB11

Track 2: Course = MSBS99MB, Section = MB12


Example track registration:

- Course number: MSBS99MB 
- Section number: MB11 or MB12
- Grading Method: "None"
- Credits: Leave Blank
- Click: Enter
- A message will state that the course is non-standard; click “Enter” again to bypass this message
- Click Sign Off


Registration Notes

The schedule is subject to change. Please contact Gabrielle Gibson with questions.