Waitlist Information

Waistlist Check-In How-to-Video

For MBA students, the waitlist option is available for all electives, so students should feel free to join the waitlist for any elective. As the semester approaches, it is the student’s responsibility to check the waitlist via Testudo to determine course availability. If a course is full, students must be on the waitlist for future consideration should seats become available. Students not on the waitlist will not be considered. 

Specialty Masters students should check in with their advisor before joining waitlists.

Starting the first day of classes for the University, students on a waitlist for a course must execute daily waitlist check-in online to remain on the waitlist (Testudo Waitlist Check-In). If you do not execute daily waitlist check-in after this date, you will be automatically dropped from the waitlist. 

Placement on the waitlist does not guarantee admittance to the course. You may be on more than one waitlist for different sections of the same course. If you waitlist multiple sections, the first section that becomes available is the one you will receive a seat in, and you will be dropped from all other waitlisted sections.

Note Regarding Second Seven-Week Courses for Fall, Spring and Summer II:
Waitlist activity for ALL courses ends the last day of the University Schedule Adjustment Period. After the Schedule Adjustment Period, the waitlist is no longer in effect and students cannot add themselves to waitlists for courses held in the second half of the fall or spring term. This also applies to the second summer term when it begins during the University's summer I term.