MBA/MFin & MBA/MS Dual Degree Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive one diploma or two? 
Students who complete a dual degree will receive two separate diplomas, and each degree (the MBA and the Business Master's degree) will be listed at the bottom of the transcript separately.


Will my area of focus be reflected on either diploma? 
The MBA diploma will state “Master of Business Administration.” Business Master's degrees will state the following, depending on the degree completed:

  • Master of Finance
  • Master of Science in Accounting
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • Master of Science in Information Systems
  • Master of Science in Marketing Analytics
  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management


When should I apply? 
MBA students should ideally apply for a dual degree in their first academic year. Students must be in good academic standing to apply. Students are expected to meet by phone or in person with a Business Master's advisor prior to applying, and are expected to submit a current resume with their application. 


Is there an application fee to apply to this program? 
Current MBA students who apply for a dual degree will not be charged an application fee. 


Are any of the business master's programs STEM-eligible?
The full list of business master's programs is available at This site lists which programs are STEM-eligible.  


During the dual degree program, when do I apply for graduation clearance? 
Applications for degree clearance should be done at the beginning of the semester in which a student will reach the 66 credits to complete both degrees. 


Can I fulfill the requirements for the MBA, receive a diploma and then fulfill the requirements for the Business Master's degree later? 
No, the requirements for both degrees must be completed simultaneously. Once a student has graduated with an MBA degree, they will not be permitted to pursue the Business Master's in the dual degree format.


Can my MBA electives be in one area of focus and my Business Master's area of focus be in another? 
In selecting MBA degree electives, the primary goal should be to fulfill Business Master's degree requirements. Leaving all of the Business Master's degree requirements to the end of the program may result in a delay of graduation because of course availability and time conflicts. Advisors can help develop a course plan to be sure that all degree requirements can be met.


Who are the Academic Directors for the Business Master's programs?

Master of FinanceProfessor Michael
MS in AccountingProfessor Lei
MS in Business AnalyticsProfessor Suresh
MS in Information SystemsProfessor Tej Anand
MS in Marketing AnalyticsProfessor Michael
MS in Supply Chain ManagementProfessor Humberto


What is the dual degree program tuition and fees? 

Students should expect to pay tuition based on the program for which the course is being offered. The Smith School masters courses are listed under the following course codes:
BMGT - MS in Business and Management
BMSO - Online Business MS Programs
BUAC - MS in Accounting
BUDT - MS in Business Analytics and MS in Information Systems
BUFN - Master of Finance and Master of Quantitative Finance
BULM - MS in Supply Chain Management
BUMK - MS in Marketing Analytics
BUSI - Part-time/Flex MBA core and electives
BUSM - Full-time MBA core and electives
BUSO - Online MBA core and electives
Students should expect to pay fees based on the MBA program that they belong to--either Part Time MBA or Full Time MBA. Tuition and fees are listed at for all programs.