Plus 1 Advising

The Smith School's Plus 1 program allows students in approved programs (Smith, BSOS, ARHU and Public Health) to take up to 10 credits of graduate-level business courses at the undergraduate tuition rate while pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Students from non-approved programs may participate in the Smith School's Plus 1 program by receiving individualized approval for up to 9 credits. This page serves as a guide for current Plus 1 undergraduate students to navigate the masters program. 

Academic Advisor for Master of Finance - Feven Girmay

Academic Advisor for Master of Quantitative Finance - Feven Girmay

Academic Advisor for MS in Accounting - Kathleen McAleese

Academic Advisor for MS in Management Studies - Kim Gonzalez

Academic Advisor for MS in Business Analytics - Kara Korab 

Academic Advisor for MS in Information Systems - Leean Thomas

Academic Advisor for MS in Marketing Analytics - Kathleen McAleese

Academic Advisor for MS in Supply Chain Management - Gabrielle (Gigi) Gibson 

Billing and Financial Aid Assistance -

Financial Award Assistance - Eugenia Martin

Director of Business Master's Programs - Amy Swann

Staff are in the Masters Programs Office, 2308 Van Munching Hall, (301) 405-9565

The masters program Academic Calendar is DIFFERENT from the University of Maryland Academic Calendar that is followed for undergraduate courses. Often times the semester will start earlier or have different breaks.

Masters courses usually operate on a Term system (Terms are 7 weeks long; there are 2 terms in each semester). Course dates are listed in Testudo.

Course schedules for fall are usually in place by mid-March, and course schedules for spring are usually in place by mid-October. 

All Plus 1 students should plan to meet with the appropriate masters advisor to discuss course planning each semester.

When choosing courses, factors to consider are undergraduate equivalents, course timing, interest, and track selection (Accounting & Finance). 

Smith School masters courses are considered non-standard courses. These courses have different Schedule Adjustment periods and Drop with 'W' dates. Please refer to the Registrar's Non-Standard Course Dates page for non-standard course dates and deadlines.  

Students enrolled in graduate-level courses are bound by all standards and policies set by the UMD Graduate School; see

Policies most relevant to Plus 1 students include:    

  • Students are required to have a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA for Graduate School permission to register for graduate-level classes
  • Students are required to have a B- or better in their graduate-level course in order for a class to be double counted toward the bachelor and masters degrees 
  • Students must begin their master’s program in the term after completing their bachelor’s degree
  • Pursuing masters courses must not delay the completion of the bachelor's degree

All students taking masters-level courses are encouraged to use a name tent in their classrooms. Plus 1 students can order a name tent at

As a reference for the courses that masters students take, below are links to the current curricula. Every student should discuss a personalized academic plan with their masters Advisor.

Master of Finance

Master of Quantitative Finance 

MS in Accounting

MS in Management Studies

MS in Business Analytics

MS in Information Systems

MS in Marketing Analytics 

MS in Supply Chain Management

Smith School Career Service Policy for Plus 1 Students