The Evening and Weekend MBA Program is comprised of 30 - 36 months of study with the first three semesters (Fall, Spring and Summer terms) designated for core classes. Once these foundation classes have been completed, students begin their electives. The total number of credits required for graduation is 54. The program is designed so that once the core courses are completed, students take electives for their remaining semesters (see attached curriculum models). Once the core is completed, students have the option of taking up to 10 credits per semester.

  • During the elective phase, students may take courses at any of the three satellite campuses (Baltimore, D.C. and Shady Grove) and College Park. Students admitted into either the Evening or Weekend MBA Program pay the equivalent of Maryland in-state tuition, as long as they take courses at any of the satellite campuses. Please be advised that if a student is not a Maryland resident or if they have not filed a Maryland residency form with the UMD Residency Office, courses taken at College Park or through the Consortium will be charged out-of-state tuition and fees.

  • Once a student has been admitted either into the Evening or Weekend MBA Program, they will always be considered an evening or weekend student. If life circumstances provide additional time in which to complete the MBA, however, an evening or weekend student may take up to 10 credits per fall and spring semester without special permission from the Masters Programs Office.

  • Students may also augment their elective selections with courses via the Washington Consortium or other non-business UMD College Park courses offered outside the Robert H. Smith School with the understanding that residency classification will affect tuition charges and only with permission from the Masters Programs Office.

  • Concentrations do not exist at the Robert H. Smith School of Business and no notation will appear on your diploma or transcript indicating an area of focus.

  • The MBA must be completed within five years.

  • Graduation Requirements:¬†
    1. 54 credits - Core Requirements and Elective Credits 
    2. Cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0