Business Master's Student Clubs

The Smith Master Student Association (SMSA), founded in May 2012, is an organization governed by masters students at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, with a focus on building connections among students. Events planned by the SMSA team and affiliated clubs include: 


Skill Building Workshops

Social Activities and Celebrations

Day Trips


Adventure Programs

Networking Events

Community Service


Current SMSA Officers: 

Shubham Arora
MS in Information Systems candidate 

Priyanka Prasad
Executive VP of Operations
MS in Supply Chain Management candidate

Nitin Kailadath
Executive VP of Administration
Master of Quantitative Finance candidate

Saswati Mohanty
VP of Finance
MS in Business Analytics candidate

Ziyu Liu
VP of Marketing & Communications
MS in Marketing Analytics candidate

Kazi Rehaman
VP of External Relations
MS in Business Analytics candidate

Chih-Chung (Rupert) Sui
VP of Student Affairs
MS in Information Systems candidate


SMSA-recognized clubs for all Specialty Masters students include:

  • Smith Masters Service Learning Club 

SMSA-recognized clubs for each degree program include:

  • Smith Masters Accounting Association 
  • Smith Masters Business Analytics Association 
  • Smith Masters Finance Association 
  • Smith Masters Information Systems Association 
  • Smith Masters Marketing Analytics Association 
  • Smith Masters Supply Chain Management Association/APICS


Smith Master Student Association
Robert H. Smith School of Business
3335 Van Munching Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-1815