Business Master's Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I received a message stating there is a time conflict between my courses. What do I do? 
If you were able to register, please disregard the system message stating there is a conflict between the courses. The message is a system occurrence and it reads time conflicts with no regard to the dates of the courses. You can check the Schedule of Classes to verify the times and meeting dates are not in conflict.

What is the code that appears on my registration? 
The codes below are used by the Office of the Registrar as the course designation for track assignments. This code allows the registration system to add a group of courses to a student's schedule. This code will appear as a course on your registration, but it is not an individual course number and you will not receive a grade.

Master of Finance:

  • MSBF99MB – MB11

Master of Quantitative Finance:

  • MSBQ99MB – MB11

MS in Accounting:

  • MSBA99MB - MB11 (Public Accounting Track)
  • MSBA99MB - MB12 (Public Accounting Track)
  • MSBA99MB - MB13 (Taxation Analytics Track)
  • MSBA99MB - MB14 (Taxation Analytics Track)
  • MSBA99MB - MB15 (Audit Analytics Track)
  • MSBA99MB - MB16 (Audit Analytics Track)

MS in Business Analytics:

  • MSBD99MB - MB11
  • MSBD99MB - MB12

MS in Information Systems:

  • MSBI99MB – MB11
  • MSBI99MB – MB12

MS in Management Studies:

  • MSBB99MB - MB11

MS in Marketing Analytics:

  • MSBM99MB – MB11
  • MSBM99MB – MB12

MS in Supply Chain Management:

  • MSBS99MB – MB11

When I attempt to register, I get the error message that I must receive permission from the Department. How can I fix this? 
This error message may be due to a variety of reasons such as the student being incorrectly coded in the University system, wrong information entered during the registration session, or attempting to register for individual courses (instead of a track). Usually, your advisor can assist you with any issues you may be having. It's helpful to email a screenshot of the error message. 

How many classes may I take each semester? 
The number of classes you may take each semester varies by program and may depend on your graduation timeline. Plans for degree completion will be presented during New Student Orientation.

How do I contact faculty? 
The Smith School's faculty directory is available at The University of Maryland directory is available at