Smith Masters Service Learning Club

The Smith Masters Service Learning Club serves as a bridge between non-profit organizations and Smith Master students. The club plans and organizes public service events in order to contribute to the community and to enrich students’ volunteering experience. Events include but are not limited to the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA).


2022 Officers:

Zezhong Zhang, President

Abhivrudh Ramesh, VP of Events and Innovation 

Sreyas Sourav, Co-VP of Finance 

Bhargav Reddy, Co-VP of Finance

Sai Vaishnav Vinjamuri, VP of Communication

Yifei Lai, VP of Marketing

Advisor: Samuel Handwerger




We, the volunteers of the Masters Service Learning Club, in order to enforce connections of Specialty Masters students across different majors among the University of Maryland Smith School of Business community, enhance the overall experience for its students, and maximize the value of the school’s brand, establish this Constitution of the Masters Service Learning Club.

Article I – Name
The organization’s name is the Masters Service Learning Club, hereafter referred to as “MSLC”. The governing body of the MSLC shall be called the Masters Service Learning Club Board, hereafter referred to as “the Officers”, “Executives” or “the Board”. The MSLC shall be affiliated to the governing body.

Article II – Purpose
The mission of the MSLC is to be a bridge between non-profit organizations and Smith Master Students, to plan and organize events related to public services in order to contribute to the community and to enrich students’ volunteering experience. Events include but are not limited to the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) through the VITA Coordination Committee (VCC) to promote academic, professional and social experience for students who are interested in taxation.
The MSLC understands and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities of abiding by University of Maryland and Smith School of Business policies.

Article III – Officers
MSLC will be led by the following officer positions: President, Vice President of Event Process and Innovation, Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Communication, Vice President of Finance. All of these officers shall be held by by currently-enrolled Smith School students, and a majority of the officers will be masters students (extremely outstanding undergraduate students may be considered for up to two officer positions, except for the position of President. .

1. President
President will facilitate the development and implementation of the overall vision and strategy for MSLC and coordinate the efforts of the Officers. Specific duties include but are not limited to: ensuring operations of MSLC is coordinated with students and Smith School departments (Masters Programs Office, Office of Career Services, Office of Development and Alumni Relations, the Dean’s Office, etc.), promoting the club, presiding over regular Officer meetings, representing MSLC at events and meetings, delegating responsibilities to other Officers and ensuring completion of tasks, and building and maintaining healthy relationships with non-profit organizations.
2. Vice President of Events and Innovation
Vice President of Events and Innovation will assist the President in the planning, organizing and coordinating the professional and social events. Specific duties include but are not limited to: scheduling and checking the club’s semester events, making room reservations, ensuring all supplies for the event (i.e. board, power point, projector and microphone etc.) are ready to be used, promoting events, working with staff at administration office, and acting as the first respondent for the President’s requests.
3. Vice President of Communication
Vice President of Communication will be responsible for the internal communication within MSLC. Specific Duties include but are not limited to: recording and maintaining all officer-meeting minutes, maintaining the storage of all documents (including electronic files), announcing meetings and events hosted by MSLC and any significant decisions made by the officers, removing any doubts related to internal information, creating and monitoring registration forms for events, promoting good communication and solving conflicts between volunteers.
4. Vice President of Marketing
Vice President of Marketing is responsible for maintaining and developing external communications for MSLC. Specific duties include but not limited to: planning and organizing publicity campaigns with the agreement of the whole board, such as VITA event publicity activities, working as spokesperson when being interviewed, following up other organizations’ activities related to MSLC, working in collaboration with the Office of Marketing Communications, working collaboratively with student club leaders to publish open events information, writing newsletters weekly and publicizing it in the official website or weekly email of Smith School, regularly updating club websites, social media accounts.
5. Vice President of Finance
Vice President of Finance is responsible for the club’s financial matters. Specific duties include but not limit to: leading the development and implementation of the annual budget, handling all issues associated with income and expenditures and presenting the annual financial report.
6. VITA Coordination Committee(VCC)
The VITA Coordination Committee (VCC) will be a standing committee of MSLC. The purpose of VCC is to organize the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) event on an annual basis from November to May, prepare VITA volunteers with firm knowledge and help clients prepare their tax returns.
VCC is comprised of officers of MSLC, and other volunteers appointed by those officers. The Officers of MSLC have the exclusive right and the responsibility to make decisions on vital situations.

Article IV – Officer Liquidation Policy
Any MSLC officer may be terminated if any of the following conditions are met, and with a consensus vote from other current Officers:
1. An Officer has won the general election but failed to fulfill his/her duties.
a) Evaluation Policy to Maintain Officer Position
i. Responsibility for performance
ii. Adequate knowledge of the position
iii. Time utilization
iv. Budget management
v. Communication skills
vi. Foster trust and collegiality
vii. Lead and motivate diversified students
viii. Develop sustainable community relationship
ix. Maintain integrity and professional conduct
2. An Officer has made severe mistakes which caused serious consequences, has violated University of Maryland regulations and rules or has broken the State or Federal Laws.
3. An Officer who does not attend the meetings regularly, after receiving written warning.
Officers who wish to resign must do so by submitting a written resignation request to the Officers, then receiving a consensus vote from other current Officers.
When a MSLC Officer position is left vacant by a termination or resignation, the remaining MSLC Officers may select a new officer with a majority vote by remaining Officers.

Article V - Advisors
The operation of MSLC will be assisted by two advisors: 1) a Corporate Advisor, and 2) a Faculty Advisor. The Corporate Advisor will be appointed annually by a majority vote of the Club Officers. The Faculty Advisor will be appointed by the Club Officers, and will serve until his/her resignation.

Article VI – Finances
MSLC will finance its activities through SMSA

Article VII – Amendments to Constitution
Constitution revisions can be made only once a year and may not be made from the beginning of fall semester through the end of the Officer Election process. A revision of the constitution requires the following steps:
1. Proposal: Amendment(s) to the constitution must be proposed in writing by any voting volunteer of the MSLC at any Board meeting at which over two-thirds (2/3) of the Officers are present. Every officer should receive a copy of proposal draft at least two days prior to the meeting. Once a simple majority approved the draft, an official amendment draft should be written after meeting for public announcement and voting process.
2. Voting: The quorum is consisting of:
a) at least two-thirds of the MSLC-recognized clubs represented by a Club President or other Club Officer or 25% of the Organization volunteership;
b) the influenced volunteers, groups or clubs. The amendment will become effective following approval by a simple majority and amended constitution should be released in a week.