MS Professional Communication Club (MS-PCC)

MS-PCC gives students the purpose and opportunity to practice both prepared and impromptu talks, and receive constructive feedback. The topics for the talks can be normal everyday topics/scenarios and may also be questions which may not be so simple to answer. Communication skills are the most important requisite requested by employers; and the MS-PCC aims to give students valuable insights into the various strategies that can be applied throughout every area of life--personal, professional, and academic. The club also features debates and case competitions where the participants will get opportunities to express thoughts and opinions. The idea behind this exercise is to help students sharpen their persuasion skills to not only be able to argue for one's case but also argue effectively. With every MS-PCC event you students become a better, confident, and convincing speaker.

2020 Officers:

Mengxiao He, President

Wenjing Jiang, VP of Finance 

Pratik Pandey, VP of Marketing and Communications 

vacant, VP of Events

vacant, VP of External Relations


Tricia Homer

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