Information Systems Association (ISA)

ISA was established to enhance the academic, professional, and social experience of MS in Information Systems students. ISA provides networking opportunities to connect students with industry professionals.

2020 Officers:

Surbhi Gupta, President

Harsh Sharma, VP of Finance 

Manasvi Prasad, VP of Marketing & Communications  

Umang Sharma, VP of External Relations

Vedant Srivastava, VP of Administration 

Malav Parekh, VP of Professional Development

Manas Mishra, VP of Community & Social Development


Hassan Ibrahim, PhD







We, the members of the Information Systems Association, in order to strengthen connections of all MSIS students among the entire Robert H. Smith community, to enhance the overall experience for its students, and to maximize the value of the Robert H. Smith Information Systems brand, establish this Constitution of The Information Systems Association.


The organization’s name is the Information Systems Association, hereafter referred to as "the Information Systems Association", “the ISA” "the MSIS Association", “the Association”, or "the Organization". The governing body of the Association shall be called the Information Systems Association Board, hereafter referred to as "the Officers", "the Executives" or "the Board". The Association shall be affiliated to the governing SMSA body.

ARTICLE II - Purpose

The Association is established to enhance the academic, professional and social experience of MSIS students by fostering an effective network environment and coordinating all ISA student-run activities.

The Association is charged with, but not limited to:

  1. Promoting and enhancing the reputation of the R.H. Smith MSIS program

  2. Enhancing the educational experience and professional development of all members

  3. Providing a good networking environment for the Smith community and enhancing communications among Information Systems students, alumni, faculty and professionals

  4. Adding value to the program by coordinating student-run events and activities.

In order to accomplish these efforts, the Association shall work in conjunction with Master of Science in Business Association (hereafter referred to as “MSBA” or “MSB Association”) and other clubs. The Association understands and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities of abiding by University of Maryland policies.

ARTICLE III – Membership

Active membership shall be limited to persons officially connected with the University of Maryland, College Park as faculty, staff, registered students or alumni.

Active voting membership is limited to currently registered MSIS students only.

The following requirements are necessary to constitute active membership:

1) Have fulfilled payment of relevant financial obligations as determined by the Officers of the association.

The Association does not restrict membership or discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, or on the basis of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

ARTICLE IV – Officers

The Association will be governed by the following means, and all offices, except that of advisor, shall be held by currently enrolled students.

1. The President will be in charge of all the board meetings and setting the strategic plan for the Association. In addition, any decisions made by the President should be agreed upon by more than a simple majority of the board (Ties to be broken by the President). The title of President may rotate among board members as necessary to facilitate the operating functions of the board.

2. The Association shall also maintain a Vice President of Finance who will handle all dues, accounts, new members, rule observations at state meetings, protocol, and who shall develop the clubs’ budgets during the appropriations process.

3. The Association shall also maintain a Vice President of Marketing and Communications who will be responsible for internal organizational communications and the design and maintenance of The Association’s website as well as other internet pages (including, but not limited to, any social network presence interfaces). The Vice President of Marketing and Communications will oversee the collection of any student body data needed for The Association’s strategy. In addition, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications shall be responsible for the announcement of all of The Association’s meetings. The Vice President of Marketing and Communications will be responsible for creating event themes and timelines.

4. The Association shall also maintain a Vice President of Administration who will be responsible for the administrative issues regarding events and activities with other offices in the Smith School and the University of Maryland, and will handle rule observances at all meetings at which official organization business is conducted, and track membership. The Vice President of Administration will also be responsible for the logistics of all the Association’s activities and events as well as the recording and posting of The Association’s meeting notes.

5. The Association shall also maintain a Vice President of External Relations who will act as a liaison between the student body and the external relations office. The Vice President of External Relations will be responsible for meeting with the Master Program Office and alumni relations, as well as facilitating alumni involvement in The Association’s events and initiatives. In addition, the Vice President of External Relations will be responsible for creating and maintaining an alumni database and organizing professional development events such as guest speaker events, workshops and career panels through the alumni network. The Vice President of External relations is responsible for maintaining all club registrations and eligibility requirements.

6. The Association shall also maintain a Vice President of Professional Development who will create and manage all professional development events. The Vice President of Professional Development will endeavor to procure speakerships and presentations from eminent members of the IS, IT, and Business Communities.

7. The Association shall also maintain a Vice President of Community and Social Development who will create and manage all social events. The Vice President of Community and Social Development will endeavor to develop events that will promote the social dynamics among students of the MSIS program, and facilitate engagement between the students of the MSIS program and the greater Smith community.

ARTICLE V – Operations

1. Voting Eligibility

Those members meeting all requirements of active voting membership as set forth in Article III, and held in good standing with the Association’s rules and guidelines, will be granted voting privileges.

2. Election Process

Individual officers shall be elected by highest vote of participating voting members of ISA. Members of the outgoing board votes shall be counted twice. Persons being nominated for the President, and for the Vice President of External Relations positions shall be students in good standing and eligible for board positions, continuing from the previous semester.

The remaining board positions shall be nominated from the pool of all students with eligible voting status as defined in Article 5.1. Nominees may be self-nominated. Nominations shall be collected and closed by the fourth week after the start of the fall school semester. Voting shall be held over a period of 10 days. Voting shall be closed and votes tallied and counted within four days. Newly voted board members are to be notified within 2 days. Within which time, any position declined, shall go to the nominee with next highest counted vote total. If no such qualifying nominee exists, the President shall appoint a suitable and eligible person to fill the vacant role. The new board shall be built and constituted by the end of Term A. The nominated parties are to be allowed to vote. All voting shall be done by secret ballot to be collected and tabulated by the outgoing Vice President of External Relations, in the presence of a Faculty Advisor.

In case of the President or VP External Relations has graduation date set in December, the vacancy shall be filled by existing board member with unanimous consent of remaining board members and acceptance of the nominee. All other board positions shall be nominated from the pool of all students with eligible voting status as defined in Article 5.1. Nominees shall be self-nominated. Voting process shall be performed in December and closed to existing board members only.

3. Removal

Any officer of ISA in violation of the Organization's purpose or constitution may be removed from office by the following process:

a. A written request by at least three members of the Organization.

b. Written notification to the officer of the request, asking the officer to be present at the next meeting and prepared to speak.

c. Whether the officer in question is in attendance at the notified meeting or not, a vote may be taken, and a minimum 51% majority vote of the board (excluding the officer in question) is necessary to remove the officer.

4. Meetings

All executive board meetings will occur on a weekly basis during regular school semester and will follow the procedure set forth below:

i. Attendance

ii. Report by the President

iii. Any other business put forward by the members of the organization

vi. Dismissal by the President

ARTICLE VI – Amendments

This constitution is binding to all active voting members of the ISA. Changes to the constitution require the following steps:

1. Amendments to the constitution may be proposed in writing by any voting member of ISA at any meeting at which 2/3 of the officers are present.

2. These amendments will be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting of the executive council.

3. Proposed amendments will become effective following approval of two-thirds (2/3) - majority vote of officers.

4. The amended constitution will be released a week later.